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A new full-range 8-inch pendant loudspeaker joins the 6.5-inch DP6 in the Distributed Design Series.  The new high performance DP8, utilizing identical components as the D8 ceiling model and DS8 surface mount, offers the same great sound quality and excellent intelligibility as its Distributed Design counterparts. Like all Distributed Design loudspeakers, the DP8 pendant mount system features the same uniform voicing employed throughout the encore family of D-Series ceiling, surface, architectural and pendant mount systems, allowing multiple models to be combined in the same installation without compromising  consistency from zone to zone. 

The DP6 and DP8 is equipped with a built-in 120W autoformer, allowing the full loudspeaker output to be realized with 70V  or  100V  distribution  lines.  An easily accessible selector switch on the face of the loudspeaker makes it simple to choose between 8 ohm or 70V/100V operation, while the integrated rear cover conceals wiring and hanging hardware for a clean, aesthetically pleasing installation. Two 15-foot high tensile galvanized steel wire rope suspension cables with integrated spring clips are included.

Model Photos Brochure Spec Sheet Owner's Manual
DP8 DP8   DP8 DP8

Technical Drawings here

Ease Focus/Ease/Ease GLL/Ulysses/CLF Data here


Distributed Design Pendant Accessories
PHK-30 Pendant Hang Kit (30 Feet)
Optional kit of two (2) 30ft long 2mm (9.1m long 0.77”) high tensile galvanized steel wire rope suspension cables with integrated spring clips for attaching the cable to the DP6/DP8 pendant loudspeaker bracket plus (2) Gripple™ brand adjustable height cable fasteners.


Pendant Hang Kit (50 Feet)
Same as PHK-30 with two (2) 50ft long 2mm (15.2m long 0.77”) cables

PSC Pendant Speed Clamp
Replacement Gripple™ brand speed clamp
PST-14 Pendant Split Loom Tubing (14 Feet)
Trimmable 14ft (4.3m) decorative split loom tubing architectural cover for hanging cables, black finish.
Surface Mount-DS5
Surface Mount-DS8